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The Peta Serras Stretching Series offers two dynamic routines that flow through each exercise in an easy to follow way. The two short sequences have been designed to do daily to fit into anyones busy lifestyle and enhance the exercise that they already do.




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Stretch for flexibility. Stretch for health.
Stretch to awaken your entire body.

Join Polestar Pilates trained Peta Serras as she guides you through two stretch workouts that are designed to get you to reach all of your flexibility goals. These two invigorating routines feature a sequence of exercises to stretch your entire body and relax the mind in a safe and fun way.

The beginner routine is perfect for people who want to be able to touch their toes with ease while the advanced routine provides a workout and will take you comfortably into your splits. These two routines will fit any schedule and are perfect to do on a daily basis or after your usual workout. With regular practice, they will help to improve your sense of well being by getting you to focus on a mind and body connection.

Get ready for your body to be transformed with these easy to follow routines that are effective in increasing your flexibility whilst improving your vitality and awakening your entire body.


I’ve found that it gives me that guidance I need to continue improving on my flexibility

For me, the Pilates Stretching Series DVD provides both a rewarding and fun exercise session. With little exposure to Pilates previously, I’ve found that it gives me that guidance I need to continue improving on my flexibility. I purchased the DVD about 4 months ago, and in that time I’ve noticed some fantastic changes in my ability to touch my toes (I can now place my knuckles on the floor) and am only about 4 inches away from the front leg splits. Flexibility does not come to me naturally and it is something I need to work on every day. In only 15 minutes a day this DVD has helped me achieve my goals in such a short pace in time! I love it.


Peta’s DVD is the only thing that reminds me to stretch daily and allows me to recover better from my training.

When I heard that Peta was releasing a stretching DVD, I knew this would be perfect for me as I’m useless at stretching. It is always low on the priority list. To help form the habit, I decided to do a 30 Day Stretch-Athon using the DVD as motivation. The two routines were perfect for anyone from total beginner (i.e. me) to those who are lucky enough to be a bit more bendy. I’m excited to say that I’m a lot closer to the ground in my splits and my hip flexors no longer cause me pain from being too tight. Peta’s DVD is the only thing that reminds me to stretch daily and allows me to recover better from my training. I highly recommend Peta’s expertise and DVD.

Zoe from Get ZOMT

The DVD is fast paced, but smart and effective, Peta knows what she’s doing and no one knows the body like Peta.

It is very cleverly designed to target all the major muscle groups in the body in the most efficient way for an overall body workout. The DVD is fast paced, but smart and effective, Peta knows what she’s doing and no one knows the body like Peta. Once you learn the routine you can slow it down for a relaxing all over body stretch, or do the exercises with more focussed intensity if you want to kick it up a notch. I do Peta Serras Pilates every day, and it has become a part of my lifestyle. It’s the easiest and most effective way to keep my body healthy and flexible. Peta’s method agrees with my body & I feel the difference when I do it, and especially when I don’t do it!




How much is shipping?
Shipping anywhere in Australia is FREE. If you are located outside of Australia and want to purchase the product, Please contact us prior to purchasing the DVD from our website.

How long will it take to receive my DVD’s?
If you are located in Australia, it will take up to 10 business days to receive your DVD. If you are located outside of Australia, please contact us for information on pricing, shipping charges and estimated delivery time.

What is your returns policy?
As we are confident that you will love our product, we unfortunately cannot refund for change of mind. If you have any questions about the content of the DVD please contact us at for more information. We do however refund if your product is faulty. Please contact us at to organize for a replacement product.

What if my product is faulty?
If you receive your product and it is damage, contact us at straight away where we will arrange to have your product sent back to us and will send a replacement DVD in its place.



How long are the sequences in the DVD?
The DVD features two sequences that are approximately 12 minutes long for the beginner routine and 15 minutes long for the advanced routine.

What is the content like of the DVD? Is it like a Pilates class?
The DVD features two stretch sequences. Peta has taken inspiration from Pilates, Yoga, dance and her training to formulate these flowing sequences that are designed to stretch, relax and awaken the body. Your current Pilates class may have a major emphasis on stretching and might be similar to these routines in the DVD however the content is not the same as a regular Pilates class. If you have any questions about the DVD or content of the DVD please contact us at before purchasing the DVD.

When is it best to do these sequences and stretch?
It is always best to stretch when you are warmed up and of course injury free. It is recommended to do the DVD after exercise such as your Pilates class, a walk or dance class. Some people find that they prefer to commit to a stretch routine in the morning and others in the afternoon, so pick a time when you feel as though you could commit to regular practice.

How often should I be doing the DVD to notice results?
It is recommended that you commit to using the DVD about 4-5 times a week to notice a difference in your flexibility, picking a routine best suited to your current flexibility. The sequences are designed to be able to fit into anyone’s lifestyle and can easily be fitted into your schedule.

Why should I stretch?
Stretching has so many fantastic benefits and should be a part of everyones exercise regime. It helps to increase flexibility that can great improve athletic performance or daily activities. Having this increased flexibility can help to prevent injury that might be related to having tight muscles. Having a correct stretching routine in place can also act as a stress release activity and can sooth the mind as well as the body.

I have an injury or condition that limits me with exercise, can I still do the DVD?
It is recommended that anyone, especially those with an injury, illness or condition get a medical clearance before performing the sequences in this DVD. It is vital that you check with your health professional prior to starting any form of new exercise to ensure that it will not pose a risk to yourself and you will get the most benefit out of this DVD.

Who will benefit most from doing the DVD?
Anyone who is injury free and committed to regular practice! People who are particularly tight throughout their whole body due to lack of exercise or a regular stretch regime will find overtime, they will begin to loosen up and will feel more relaxed in their entire body. Peta has had success with the sequences in the DVD from people such as dancers needing to get into their splits to people just wanting to be able to touch their toes – all it takes is commitment!

I want to get the most out of the DVD, what should I be doing?
The first thing you should do is make sure that you are injury free and consult your health professional or Pilates Instructor that these DVD’s are right for you. The second thing would be to watch the DVD a few times before attempting any of the stretches to make sure you are familiar with them and to consult your health professional with any questions you may have. All of these exercises should be done when you are properly warmed up, so after your Pilates class and always performed on a Pilates mat. It is recommended you wear clothing that will allow you to move your body around freely and that you are comfortable in so that you are able to focus on the routine. Hydration is extremely important when it comes to flexibility so make sure that you are properly hydrated and have some water handy.

Can I use the DVD if I am pregnant?
It is recommended that if you have special requirements that you check with your medical practitioner.

I want to be able to do the splits, is this DVD ideal?
This DVD will help people who are working towards their splits be able to get their quicker by providing a sequence of stretches which are designed to lengthen the muscles needed in order to get into the splits. It is recommended though that you consult your health professional before purchasing the DVD, as the splits is an intense stretch and may not be for everyone to attempt.

I want to retail your DVD, tell me how!
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